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Metchro is a company founded in 1999.

The original goal was to develop and manufacture fenders for trucks with a new method of stamping exclusive to Metchro replacing the roll forming.


Develop, manufacture and distribute superior quality fenders, attachments and appearance accessories for the trucking industry, mainly for North America and diversify our metal processing by subcontracting our knowledge and this in the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction and growth of our employees.



  • Custom parts with different choices of lights
  • Be sensitive to trends and develop products that meet expectations

The operations

  • Form a team of versatile people and competent in their field

The markets

  • Develop our expertise with our major customers through specialized representation and listening to customers

The Human resources

  • The training of our employees and the application of their skills will be a substantial increase in our knowledge


  • Our original products were presented to customers in Quebec and Ontario in the early 2000s

  • The early 2000s was a period of intense research and development in a small warehouse of 2 500 square feet

  • In 2001 the business move to is new local 7 500 square feet

  • Since 2002 we have introduced a full range of lights and accessories

  • In 2004, the first major investment program is completed. The company is relocating its activities in a 14000 square feet building; it acquired a 400-ton press on an air cushion and digital control and add a new warehouse to increase distribution.

  • The company took the opportunity to introduce lean manufacturing concept.
    1. Continuous improvement has become a way of life
    2. Kaizen's techniques have been introduced to reduce non-value added operations
    3. The concept of 'added value' of the customer and business processes were improved
    4. Metchro Products Inc. has become a company specialized in systems integration solutions providing 'added value' to its customers

  • At the end of the first decade of the 2000s, the company performs a second phase of investment. To eliminate production delays and produce just in time, it rearranges the process to include an automate handling center for raw materials and a cutting Laser

  • Then at the beginning of the second decade of the 2005 to meet the growing customer base, we acquired two CNC Press Brakes of 180 ton.

Now, after several years of development, Metchro Products Inc. is recognized for its expertise in the processing of sheet metal and the manufacture and handling of stainless steel products.

It actually now enjoy a broad customer in the areas of transportation, food processing (HACCP), restoration as well as residential and commercial construction.

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