About us

Imagining, Working and Shining for Truck Owners  

Since its founding, Metchro has been offering truck owners what they so deserve:  stainless parts that are unique in design, give an exceptional style and are built to last.

What is the Metchro Difference?

  • Truly market-driven with regularly renewed truck accessories

  • Using only high-quality materials

  • Precision parts made with the latest technology

  • Flexible, adapted service

  • Dedicated workforce

  • Capacity of creating custom parts and projects

20 Years of Growing Success and Going Strong 

Year after year, we continue to offer truck owners what they want and need, generating significant growth since 1998, particularly in the past 10 years.


  • From 8 employees to more than 30
  • From a local business to serving all of North America
  • From 1,500 products to more than 4,000
  • From a few trucks to every major truck brand on the continent
  • From simple machinery to the latest high tech equipment in the marketplace